🪡Troubleshooting KeepKey

My KeepKey Won't Connect to ShapeShift. What Do I Do?

If your KeepKey isn't connecting to ShapeShift, there are a few steps you can take. First, assure that you are not running a VPN or antivirus program. Next, please try these steps in order.

  1. Update your KeepKey here.

  2. Close all programs that detect the KeepKey, except ShapeShift. If you have the KeepKey Updater App open, close it. Refresh and click "Connect Wallet" again once you've done this.

  3. Try using another cable.

  4. Ask the KeepKey support staff for help.

How Do I Recover My KeepKey?

Go to app.shapeshift.com, connect your KeepKey (Update your KeepKey if prompted to do so) and follow the instructions you are given after clicking on "Recover Wallet".

If you have any issues with this process, please reach out to the KeepKey discord server.

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