ShapeShift DAO Documentation

Complete Bounties

open source. It is a critical part of our mission to build a community-owned, free to use, interface into the defi universe. In order for us to realize this mission we need contributors like yourself to come along on this journey. Bounties are a great way to get involved in our growing community of open-source developers.
The Shapeshift DAO has many flavors of bounties, but most of our engineering bounties are small features, improvements or bug fixes that can be made in a single Pull Request by a contributor. These bounties are attached to issues in GitHub, and we use Gitcoin as an incentivization layer. This mean's that contributors are rewarded in FOX, our governance token, and become owners of the very platform they are helping to build.
Ready to dive in? Awesome here are some helpful links to find an issue to pick up:
Want to work on something that you don't see listed? Have an idea on a new project or feature? come chat with us about your idea!

Resources for new contributors and bounty hunters

We are at the start of building out more resources for contributors. If you are unable to find what you need please feel free to ask questions in our #engineering-public Discord channel. If it's over the weekend it may take us a bit to respond, but we will get to your question. If you ask a question and get a good answer consider adding it to the FAQs here.
Additionally, feel free to attend Engineering Stand-up at 1:15PM MST Monday through Thursday in Discord #Standup-AllAccess. You can introduce yourself, and we can often find someone to pair up with you if you need assistance for a few minutes after the meeting.

Looking to integrate a large feature?

Please check out Add Features for guidance on adding a large feature yourself.

Bounty Instructions for Big Features

Projects are welcome and encouraged to offer bounties to get their feature integrated by the large and growing community of ShapeShift developers. The product and engineering workstreams have processes and resources defined to provide guidance, support, and code and UX reviews to any individuals or teams who take on a bounty.
Find and apply to open bounties for big features here.
To offer a bounty to the community, see Offer Bounties.
To request a bounty from the ShapeShift DAO Treasury, follow the FOX governance process to make a proposal to the community.