Roles & Responsibilities

Requirements review and handoff

  • Coordinate with @Diggy (Product) and @Tyler (Operations) first
  • Identify product owner
  • Identify any security considerations or blockers with @mrnerdhair
  • Get a public meeting booked on the DAO calendar - use the #request-calendar-events channel in Discord
  • Invite community contributors to kickoff meetings!
  • Document technical requirements in this docs repo - create a new section

Architecture planning and review

  • Book times with @Major Hayes or @0xdef1cafe
  • Spec out any groundwork PRs that should be completed internally
  • Consider what is required first to unblock bounty hunters - think about the project management critical path

Security considerations

  • Book a review with @MrNerdHair for any security considerations
  • Any changes to hdwallet should be heavily scrutinized
  • Any new dependencies across any part of the stack should be reviewed carefully
  • Any changes to the yarn.lock file in PRs must be thoroughly checked - this is the number one vector to inject malicious code
  • Any third party integrations must be reviewed in terms of data privacy - we do not leak addresses, IP address, browser fingerprinting
  • Any new CSP additions must be verified

Technical breakdown

  • Use the bounty template for all tickets for consistency
    • Remove the bounty section and add the needs-engineering label if we're completing internally
  • Use the needs product tickets for any user facing changes/UI impacts
  • Create milestones across every repo that your feature touches, name them exactly the same
    • Add all issues to that milestone
  • Provide an estimated completion date!


  • Add the needs bounty label for @purelycrickets to post bounties - don't use the bounty label, purelycrickets will do this when it's posted
  • Bounties can be reserved for community contributors
  • Add a required by date (if possible)
  • You can tip bounty hunters for work above and beyond (this is very common)
  • Estimate how long it would take a team member, add padding, especially if something is up for grabs
    • Make sure to consider failed bounties, cycle time for PR reviews w/ requested changes
  • Things can and will go wrong in development - protect timeline downside

PR Reviews

  • Ensuring issues are assigned to individuals, ensuring PRs are linked to issues, issues closed when complete
  • Ensure features are flagged, and develop works with the flag off
  • Get flags added to CI, Cypress, both preview and production environments for Fleek and Cloudflare (2 for each)
  • You own the implementation of this feature, don't accept substandard work
  • Review early and often - people are on different timezones.
  • Don't be afraid to stop bounty hunters
  • Treat develop as production, regressions will be reverted out.
  • Use the needs operations tag and create a thread in #operations-publicchat to get things tested before merging


  • We release to production on Tuesdays and Thursdays - keep these in mind when getting PRs reviewed and merged
    • You are responsible if develop or production breaks with the flags off

Goat/No Goat

  • Coordinate with @Diggy or respective product owners for review prior to the goat meetings
  • Coordinate with @Tyler and operations team to get these booked, starting several weeks out from your completion date
  • Coordinate with support, marketing, product for owners of items

Go live

  • You are responsible for getting flags turned on and production redeployed in Cloudflare

Maintenance and refactoring

  • Use your discretion as to what shortcuts we can take to get a feature live
  • Plan to have refactor/cleanup/abstraction work to do after features go live, don't prematurely abstract.
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