There are many ways that developers can get going in the ShapeShift DAO ecosystem and with our codebase.

Opportunities to Contribute

  • Join our standups at 1:15PM MST Monday through Thursday in the StandUp-AllAccess channel on our Discord server
    • You first need to pass the Captcha-bot, to make sure you are a real person
    • Once you are on the server and see a bunch of channels, go to the #role-selector channel, and click on the icon for the "Engineering" role
    • Then you will see the #StandUp-AllAccess channel, #engineering-public channel and many others
  • Check out Engineering Demos on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month on Discord, on the ShapeShift Stage
  • Join the conversation and ask questions in the #engineering-public channel on Discord
  • If you haven't already, checked out Bounties
  • Clone one of our repos and get the product running locally: or

Full Time Positions

We recommend getting involved in the community through one of the channels listed above. However, If you are already involved or are interested in looking at open roles visit notion.
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Opportunities to Contribute
Full Time Positions